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Fűszerek - Import export



    SYNCHRO Organic Food Poland, we are specialized in nuts, dried fruits, spices, and herbs, we've firmly established ourselves as a trusted presence in the Polish market for over 25 years. Our extensive experience, we excel in sourcing premium nuts, dried fruits, spices, and herbs from around the world. Our diverse assortment includes exotic dried fruits, nuts, and seeds tailored for oil pressing, such as sesame, evening primrose, chia, and pumpkin seeds. Beyond Nuts: hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, macadamias, and mixed varieties. We're your exclusive source for unique selections like Sultanas, mangoes, dates, dried plums, apricots, and candied fruits. A Symphony of Spices like: marjoram, black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, and more. Explore niche spices such as tej patta, Madagascar aframon, curry leaves, and zaatar. Elevate your culinary experience with our diverse spice blends. Teas and Botanical Wonders: our curated teas and herbs from India, including black, green, and white teas. Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of Brahmi, Amla, Ashwagandha, and more. Embracing Our Homeland, from Poland: groats, millet groats, evening primrose seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and Italian (Greek) nuts and dried carrots, parsley, flax seeds, green beans, and vibrant beans. With certified excellence and dedication to quality we deliver exceptional organic offerings tailored to satisfy your cravings.



    In 2000, we started exporting our products directly to foreign markets after developing & adding new production lines so we can supply large quantities following the increasing demands. In 2001, we exported our products to many European countries thanks to our high-quality products and competitive offers. Our factory is based in ELFAYOUM (production area) in Egypt of Herbs, Spices Seeds & Vegetables and this gives us the best raw materials to sell at reasonable prices. Our factory & warehouses size more than 4000-meter squares, allowing us to produce more than five products in onetime in 2006-we succeeded in exporting our products to the United States, Canada, Latin America & African markets. Nowadays our products are present in 28 countries around the world. We produce : -Spice leaves -Herbs seeds -Herbal dried flocers -Dried herbs and vegetables -Salt. Our business aims to provide a high-quality product and reliable customer service. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them. All our company actions are respecting nature. Commitment to nature engages us in safeguarding the environment by taking care of resources and adequately handling plantations. Our customer is the most important person for our company, whether visiting, writing, or calling. For other information about our products & services, don't hesitate to contact us as we are here to serve you anytime.



    Established in 2020 in Mersin, Turkey, Tanla GIDA SAN. Ve TIC. LTD. STI. is a cubed tea producer for one of the most searched teas, Energy tea, and we like to call ourselves the new generation healthy tea producer. We produce our teas to help improve the immune system for those who spend their days outdoors and give our young generation tasty and easy access to our fantastic teas. Our herbal tea cubes can be consumed in various places such as workplaces, schools, homes, and where you can find hot water! There are no artificial ingredients such as artificial sweeteners or additives. Our cube teas are produced from plants carefully selected from nature and natural sugar beet. We are aware of the harmful particles that come with tea bags in which plastic bags make nanoparticles combined with plastic drinks. Those harmful particles are stored in the body and harm your body. So we created our cubed teas to prevent those harmful particles and give you a better way of consuming your favorite tea without damaging your body. We have a wide variety of tea selections: atomic stream, rosehip tea, mint and lemon tea, melissa tea, linden tea, and more! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Voted the finest saffron in the world: Afghan saffron was voted the world's finest by the International Taste Institute, ahead of saffron from Morocco, Iran and even Spain. QAMIAB only selects the finest red stigma for you, the most aromatic and scented part of the pistil. We never include the yellow threads that alter the taste and falsify the final weight. Packaged in France, your red gold retains its full flavour. Harvested by hand in the traditional manner: the exceptional saffron supplied by QAMIAB is grown beneath the Afghan sun before being harvested by hand in the time-honoured traditional manner. Plants are also trimmed by hand. You will always obtain the latest harvest, grown during the current season. Long reserved exclusively for starred chefs, saffron from QAMIAB is now available to other professionals and private customers. Powerful in taste and rich in flavour: to make certain that you receive outstanding Afghan saffron of exceptional quality, we also use two independent laboratories to carry out additional inspections. the first occurs in Afghanistan just before the saffron is exported, the second is in France just before it is packaged.



    SOMEXPORT has founded in 1994. We supply central buying platforms, suppliers, but especially in Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian and Pacific oceans, and the Middle East. We are an import-export company that deals in dry, frozen and fresh goods, and we work with over 300 suppliers in France and Europe. We specialise in the following food types: - dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, milk, cream, etc.), - dried and cured meats, - cakes and baked goods, - Halal products, - groceries, - seafood, - frozen goods. We can supply you with a wide range of food products.SOMEXPORT is your export partner. We can help you to discover the best products from every region of the world, products that meet your needs and your customers' demands. For over 20 years we have scoured the world looking for regional products, local specialities and traditional recipes. We can also source the specific ingredients or products that our customers request. Our approach is based on encounters with producers, livestock breeders, chefs, retailers, consumers and countless other actors in the farming and agri-food sectors. Feel free to contact us for more details!

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    EMN SARL, located in Bamako (MALI), is company which imports and exports local products. We are specialised in the transformation and export of local products, such as dried pepper, hibiscus, ginger, baobab, sesame seeds, arabic gum, peanuts, cashew nuts and many others. We export worldwide and can supply very large quantities. Our production sites are located in West Africa, mainly in Mali. We have two offices, one in Paris (France) and the second in Bamako (Mali). Don't hesitate to contact us for more details about our products.



    Wholesale of spices, herbs, spice mixtures and special items. ENES, founded in 1999, purchases its herbs and spices in the very countries where they are grown. The 1600 m² warehouse in Geesthacht makes it possible to purchase large quantities so that ENES Gewürze GmbH can offer its customers low prices. • Wide range of herbs and spices • Extensive quality control. • Packaged according to customer requests. • Seamless transport • Free shipping from 75 kg



    What is important to you about doing business with an organic wholesaler? A choice of small and large purchase quantities. Huge range of organic products. Online orders for a fair price. A partner who is a responsible entrepreneur. Vehgro could be this and more for you, the number one organic wholesaler in Europe. We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, organic food. Therefore, our vision is nutritious food for all, provided by the earth. Certified organic products. We as VehGro B.V. have made it our task to supply a particularly broad range with up to 2000 different, high-quality organic products. Our product portfolio ranges from powders and granules to nuts, beans and cereals. We require our products to be free from artificial substances for odours, tastes and preservatives.



    Buxtrade GmbH was founded in the summer of 2014 by two young men who wanted to set up a secondary enterprise alongside their everyday employment. In spring 2017, we moved into our new premises of approx. 1500 square metres, where we are now based. Buxtrade GmbH distributes a wide range of high-quality products for such applications as performance enhancement in sport as well as general health and well-being. Thanks to our prime location just to the south of Hamburg, we benefit from close links to Hamburg's port. As part of a diverse portfolio which encompasses sugar substitutes, super foods, food additives, dietary supplements, spices, flavourings and nuts, we can provide all products according to your requirements – be it for a private household, food processing of 100 g quantities or wholesaling of palletised goods.



    Welcome to the world of raw materials. Michael Gutschke Rohstoffhandel specialises in the direct import and sale of high-quality natural raw materials and semi-finished products from the respective countries of origin. We have our customers interests at heart, providing them with a highly reliable service. Drawing on my specialist product and market knowledge, as well as my many years of experience, we offer a wide range of natural raw materials for applications in the flavourings, cosmetics, tobacco, confectionery and food industries, as well as for technical applications. We provide raw materials for flavouring, binding, thickening, separating, stabilising, colouring and sealing. The products are stored and checked in Hamburg. Through close collaboration over a number of years, we have established an excellent relationship with our partners all over the world as well as an outstanding network. We act quickly and flexibly through a small administrative organisation.

  1. ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT


    Welcome to ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT, a private trading company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled business solutions to customers worldwide. We specialize in offering quality branded products at affordable wholesale prices, catering to businesses of all sizes. Complementing this, our seamless logistics ensure timely deliveries. As a leading trading company, we excel as a wholesaler and distributor, offering an extensive range of products. Our portfolio includes beverages like soft and energy drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, dairy products, including baby milk, and indulgent items like chocolates, confectioneries, and premium teas and coffees. Our strong partnerships with renowned FMCG producers such as Nestle, Heinz, Mars, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Tchibo, and Ferrero enable us to serve businesses worldwide with excellence. Our dedication to excellence drives us to explore captivating niche categories and unique brands. We've cultivated reliable relationships with suppliers, ensuring quick order fulfillment within 48 hours. Central to ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT is the value we place on trust and lasting partnerships. Our experienced team combines trading expertise with a visionary approach, ensuring efficient transactions. Our goal is to foster collaborations that extend beyond the initial order, emphasizing mutual growth.



    Hubcycle is a startup that has developed a plant-based upcycling structure that recycles waste (fruit peelings and linseed meal, for example) that it then offers for reuse by other industries. Its aim is to create a genuinely sustainable global network, with by-products from one source meeting demand from another source for plant-based ingredients that are clean and sustainable. Hubcycle brings together industries that use different parts of the same plant, recovering food and plant waste that then become innovative raw materials in food and personal hygiene products. Feel free to contact us for further details!

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    A MONDIAL DISTRIBUTION CI.CA SARL, vállalat egy Forgalmazó, tevékenységi ágazata Import-export – ügynökök. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Margarinok, Fűszerek, Cukorkák, Rizs, Dara, Szószok, Méz, Konzervek, és Italok. Székhelye Genas, Franciaország.



    KHLA is a family-run Franco-Cambodian firm that specialises in top-of-the-range organic spices from Asia. We carry a collection of Kampot peppers and flowers of salt as well as peppers from Sichuan, Himalayan salt, Thai fragrant rice and other unique products from the Mekong countries. We have built close business ties with each of our producers that gives our organic spices, our teas and rice their unique character: nutmeg, cloves, star anise, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, black curry, etc. Our exceptional products result from the combination of the farmers' patient, painstaking work, the generous nature of the climate and French know-how. A COMMITTED ENTERPRISE - Our organic spices from Asia and our teas sold under the Thé d’Asie brand originate from organic farming, which guarantees nature-friendly growing without using fertilizers or pesticides. - Our flagship product – Kampot pepper is often hailed as "the best pepper in the world". This pepper has a highly unusual distinction for a spice – a PGI that guarantees its origin, quality and organic production. We guarantee the strict application of ethical criteria for fair trade production. Our teas are perfumed with our spices to our own recipes, or are simply without added flavouring. Black, green, white and oolong tea. Browse our catalogue of fine spices, teas and rice from the Mekong or contact our teams!



    MAISON BOTEH is a family business created by a mother and son team that specialises in upscale foods with a taste of Persia and Iran. Our products are made in the traditional manner, combining creativity with a deep-held love of Iranian cuisine. We also offer two further services: Creation of white label products & sourcing of products Made in France. Further details see below: We have several activities: 1/ Sale of products from MAISON BOTEH: •Single product: L’Or Noir, Iranian black lemon paste, •Persian-flavoured jams (see products). - Available in formats: for retail or hospitality trade: from 100g to 500g / Hotels: 28g, 42g, - organic is possible, - IFS Certification • Spices (saffron, sumac, etc.), dried fruits (pistachio, wild almond, etc.) and dehydrated fruits (strawberry, Iranian mango, - organic possible. 2/ Suppliers of white label products: - We create the recipes for you, - We can create the label with you too if you don't have a graphic designer, - We work with you to create your specifications. 3/ Sourcing gourmet products that are Made in France: - a network of partners allows us to assist you with your search for French produce. Oils, condiments, jam, etc. With MAISON BOTEH, everything is possible. We offer custom services to make sure we fully meet your needs and expectations.



    With more than 20 years in food trading, Bernis Food welcomes you to taste the most unique and organic dried fruits and vegetables on your tables. Our dry foods are locally produced by local farmers and dried with hand labor. We assure you that with our dry food, you will find the taste of your grandmother's table. The taste of 100% natural and locally produced dry foods will significantly impact your palates. Our products are grown in the fertile lands of Anatolia, and we dry them with the sun. Our drying process comes from the sun, which is nature's remedy, and we follow the most strict hygienic methods. At Bernis Food, we deliver our products to your kitchens without spoiling their freshness and naturalness. We deliver our high-quality products worldwide and the best price. We have a comprehensive product portfolio for dried fruits and vegetables: •Dried tomatoes •Dried figs •Dried green beans •Dried bananas •Dried apples •Dried strawberry •Dried grapes •Dried eggplant •Dried mushrooms, please discover more about our product range in our online catalog on our website! Our products are grown and dried without any chemicals or pesticides. With us, you will find the most reliable tastes in nature. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Wilco creates products designed for healthy living, demanding care requirements, inner well-being and harmony. Our aim is to improve people's health through the use of natural products while helping them find their personal balance, enjoy a sense of well-being and be strong in life. To do this, we take advantage of the treasures offered by Mother Nature and use simple, effective formulae with little ballast, made entirely from natural ingredients. All our products are 100% pure, predominantly certified organic and contain no additives.



    A LES SAVEURS DE MAYA, vállalat egy Multi-Category, tevékenységi ágazata Fűszerek, fűszerkivonatok. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Fűszerek, Alkohol és szeszesitalok, cognac, pepper, biological oils, armagnac, oil, cinnamon, és chutney. Székhelye Rivière-Pilote, Martinique.



    A CASA PAJUELO LA CASA DE LA MIEL, vállalat egy Forgalmazó, tevékenységi ágazata Méz. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Fűszerek, Gyógynövények, gyógyszerészeti és kozmetikai célokra, beekeeping products, Fűszerek, Gyógynövények, gyógyszerészeti és kozmetikai célokra, honey based cosmetics, royal jelly, natural honey, és preservative free honey. Székhelye Madrid, Spanyolország.



    A SARTHA, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Fűszerek. Székhelye Saint Romain La Motte, Franciaország.



    A ETHNIKSTORE, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Fűszerek, fűszerkivonatok. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Fűszerek, Gyógy- és gyümölcstea, Növényi olajok, Élelmiszer - import / export, Import / export - élelmiszertermékek, essential oils, Wholesale spices, Export of olive oil, és saffron. Székhelye Paris, Franciaország.



    A SMART CLAUPACK SRL, vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Biológiai - élelmiszerek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Élelmiszeripari csomagolások, Csomagolás, Különleges csomagolások, Fűszerek, Fűszerek, fűszerkivonatok, Anyacsavar, Aromás növények, Élelmiszerkivonatok, és Gyümölcsök és zöldségek - import / export. Székhelye Targoviste, Románia.



    A TRENDY FOODS, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Import / export - élelmiszertermékek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Készételek, mélyhűtött, Fűszerek, Malomipari termékek, Italok - import / export, Bécsi különlegességek, Zöldségkonzervek, Csokoládés édesség (töltött), Készételek, mélyhűtött, és Fűszerek. Székhelye Vottem (z.i. De Milmort), Belgium.



    A NATURAL HUB PALLANGYO, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Táplálékok és italok - összetevők, adalékok. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Hüvelyesek, Fűszerek, Biológiai - élelmiszerek, Anyacsavar, Hüvelyesek, Fűszerek, Biológiai - élelmiszerek, és Anyacsavar. Székhelye Merksem Antwerpen, Belgium.



    A AWA SECRETS, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Bio kozmetikai szerek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Szépségápoló szerek, Fűszerek, Diétás- és biotáplálékok, natural cosmetics, natural-based cosmetics, craft production, beauty products, body care products, és beauty products for the face. Székhelye Nanterre, Franciaország.



    A SPICY CANDY, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Fűszerek. Székhelye Saint-Laurent-Des-Arbres, Franciaország.



    A DARRIAH COMPANY, vállalat egy Multi-Category, tevékenységi ágazata Szárított (aszalt) gyümölcsök. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Növényi olajok, Import / export - élelmiszertermékek, Fűszerek, Tejpor és sűrített tej, Gyümölcs, mélyhűtött, Trópusi gyümölcsök, Gyümölcsök és zöldségek - import / export, Igazságos kereskedelem, és exotic fruit. Székhelye Paris, Franciaország.



    A MAISON NIALÉ, vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Gyümölcskonzervek és dzsemek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Fűszerek, Igazságos kereskedelem, Gasztronómia - különlegességek, Kávé, tea, Fűszerek, Igazságos kereskedelem, Gasztronómia - különlegességek, és Kávé, tea. Székhelye Gennevilliers, Franciaország.



    A EXOTIC CITY, vállalat egy Multi-Category, tevékenységi ágazata Ételkülönlegességek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Rizs, Élelmiszer - import / export, Import / export - élelmiszertermékek, Italok - import / export, Kávé, tea, Fűszerek, Gyümölcsök és zöldségek - import / export, Zöldség, mélyhűtött, és Gyümölcs, mélyhűtött. Székhelye Alleur, Belgium.



    A VANILLA GASY, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Fűszerek. Székhelye Bourgbarré, Franciaország.


A keresés eredménye

Fűszerek - Import export

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