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The result of the work of Apícola Cuartero, three generations of a family business located on Mount Moncayo. With over 3, 000 hives, these honeys, produced one hundred percent in Spain, are obtained from the finest blossoms Spanish geography provides. Its twenty and more different products are produced naturally without pesticides used near the flowers, and following traditional processes, so each honey will be different, even within the same type. This is how Mieles del Tío Juan Cruz manages to deliver a honey that tastes like honey used to when it was purchased direct from a beekeeper. Here you will find all of Mieles del Tío Juan Cruz's products. They are available in large jars (940 g), small jars (470 g) and bottles of honey vinegar (250 ml). And every label is written in 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Arabic.

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