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    WHO ARE WE? We are a Powdered Food and Beverage manufacturing company that seeks for delicious and nourishing food. As the heart of the good food lies in flavors, we delve in the depth of the flavors and communicate with food. Amazed by the essence of the incorporation of ingredients, we deliver the treasure found in our food journey to our customers and accompany them in each second, they enjoy their food. Our Products: - Fruit Flavored Powder Juice - Instant Coffee Mix (3in1 / 2in1) - Bouillon - Instant Dry Soup - Jelly Dessert Mix - Whipped Cream / Cream Chantilly - Custard Powder - Baking Ingredients We started our delicious and nutritious journey in 2002 with the foundation of Norm Gıda. Luqman JAMAL WALI founds a food manufacturing plant to deliver the Taste of Life all around the World because of passion towards good food and a huge heart to share the good in everything to everybody. Manufacturing Fruit Flavored Powder Juices, leads our company to receive a credible success in a short time. Luqman JAMAL WALI expands the Product Portfolio by starting the manufacturing of Bouillon, Instant Coffee, Dry Soup Mix, Custard Powder, Jelly Powder, Whipped Cream and Other Baking Ingredients. Don't hesitate to contact us for more informations!

  2. MADAR


    With almost 30 years of tradition, MaDar is a food wholesaler from Poland. We supply our products to various industries such as grocery stores, restaurants, companies with different profiles, institutions, and private individuals. We aim to deliver our products with the highest quality at the best price to reach 100 % customer satisfaction. Therefore, you will find a wide selection of excellent food products with us. We have a wide product portfolio, such as: •Pasta, •Processed and canned meat, •Graines, •Different types of flour, •Dairy products, •Sugar, •Spices, and you can discover more about our product portfolio from our website! We guarantee: •Fast execution of orders, •Attractive prices, •A wide selection, •Worldwide delivery Our products are imported from trusted suppliers and local farms to reach the best quality with excellent taste. With us, you will find unique tastes on your table. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Our Compagny is a significant producer and distributor of fruit juice concentrates in Central Europe. We have been working with passion for over 25 years. Thanks to many years of experience, knowledge and attention to the production process, we are dynamically developing, creating products of the highest quality. We specialize in dark fruit juice concentrates, in particular: •raspberry •cranberry •strawberry •elderberry •black and red currant juice. Our recipients successfully use our concentrates in the production of: •syrups •juices •gummies •ice cream •confectionery. Our concentrates are clear, packed in aseptic bags in 250 kg drums or canisters. We are distinguished on the market by competitive prices and their guarantee for the entire contracted period (also longer than one season), the ability to adapt products to the needs and specifications of the client, as well as the wide availability of the raw material and the speed of operation. We have production plants in Bulgaria, Ukraine and warehouses in Poland, thanks to which we are able to quickly deliver goods to any place in Europe and the world. We serve clients both from the European Union and from more distant parts of the world. We operate, among others in North America, South America, India and China. The quality of our concentrates is confirmed by numerous certificates and membership in organizations: ISO, AIJN, FDA, National Union of Juice Producers and the Association of Polish Exporters.



    NEAR TRADE is a trading company based in Portugal that brings suppliers and buyers together worldwide. We bring unique and exotic products to your business in Europe. Our foundations of practicality, objectivity and partnerships enable us to deliver the best deals to our different partners according to local legislation, norms, and cultures. Thanks to a solid partner portfolio, we make contact between our SOUTH AMERICANS and EUROPEAN suppliers and our buyers worldwide. Our process is straightforward and respects every demand to concretize great deals. We operate in the following sectors: commodities, industries, tech, royal state, and finance. We are happy to contribute positively to projects in the respective sectors. Among the goods we provide, you can find: Beverage: We work with the best brands: Heineken, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, etc. In addition, we work with local Brazil producers of natural drinks, natural exotic fruits like acerola, graviola, cupuaçu (in pulp or powder), and bio snacks made by tropical manioc. Food : GRAINS, ANIMAL PROTEIN, FRUITS, VEGETAL OILS, SEEDS, AND LIVESTOCK FAT FOR HUMAN AND INDUSTRIAL CONSUMPTION. - WINE, OLIVE OIL, VARIOUS FRUIT JUICES, FRUIT PULP, SAUSAGES, BULK HAKE, PRESERVES, PROCESSED FOODS - Other Products: CLOTHING, WOODS, PETROLEUM DERIVATIVES, BIOMASSES, BIOFUELS Are you looking for a partner to help commercialize your products in the international market or import from a specific country? Contact us!



    Greetings! We are the MAZETTO COMPANY; a fast-growing import and export company focused on exporting Brazilian agricultural products. We work to transform foreign trade, make negotiations around the world, and solve the bureaucracy of buying and selling in foreign trade, bringing the best products and conditions to you. In a globalized world, our mission is to provide competence, transparency, and loyalty. Therefore, we are always providing extreme quality products and excellent international relations. Locations: MAZETTO COMPANY has its offices strategically located in São Paulo and Lisbon. Products: We work mainly with importing and exporting Brazilian coffee, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, soy, Brazilian beef, and chicken. Visit our website and contact our team!

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    From A Truly Worldwide Perspective, We Source Products In The Main Production Areas Of Europe, North & South America, And The Far East. Our Main Product Groups Are Palm Kernal Oil, Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Blends, Corn Oil, Cottonseed Oil, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Poultry, Pork, Beef, Fish, French Fries, Vegetables, Soft Drinks And Dairy. As A Food And Oil Supply Company, Foratia Europe OU Supplies Edible Oils And Frozen Products To More Than 100 Countries Around The Globe. We Are Mainly Active In Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America, And The Caribbean. We Deliver Our Services And Products To Our Customers In The Following Food Sectors: Manufacturers, Commodity Wholesalers, Foodservice Distributors And Serving Retailers. We Are Renowned For Being A Reliable Partner That Offers High Quality Products And Brands. We Provide A Professional Service In Every Aspect Of Your Business, Including Our Packaging, Quality Control, Documentation, Logistics And Customer Service. We Offer All Of Our Services With Competitive Pricing. That Is Why Foratia Europe OU Is Your Worldwide Food And Oil Supply Specialist. Visit our website or contact us for more information !



    SAS 007BUSINESS PRAGEN is a multi-service company set up in 2016, based in Paris and directed by “Princess Aggeex HUTIN”, CEO & Founder – Artist & Trained Lawyer. Thanks to its exceptional and rare vitality and creativity, it has garnered nine national & international distinctions. A unique BUSINESS MODEL: Exceptional, rare and original SIMPLIFIED PRAGEN FRANCHISES and those of PRAGEN's partners; "Made in FRANCE" that takes its inspiration from African plants with many virtues, with a participatory economic, environmentally responsible and responsible citizen's aim. It is the source of ideal, unique solutions and opportunities for the better inclusion and social and professional cohesion of communities and peoples, WIN-WIN partnerships and through its huge potential for rare and pioneering added values, via its diversity and complementary versatility. As a result, PRAGEN experimentation is the best risk for all visionary investors to take. From its artistic-cultural creations, its commercial administrative and legal experience, that globally inspire its partnership contracts around tasting events in Parisian and Champagne versions from Agribusiness and Events organization, Help and Training, of the various PRAGEN services: Travel, money transfers, etc. It adds up to over 20 years and in the catering and food processing sector, the organic sector, and plant-based cosmetic creations



    Ekinoks is a wholesale business that sources and supplies branded goods across the globe. Our dedicated import export team helps our customers, retailers, and manufacturers expand their brand/business locally and across continents. With over ten years of experience in export, we help our customers promote and extend their product range, achieving sales aspirations and growth worldwide. Our services include as follows : •Household cleaning tools, •Sanitary Paper, •Beauty & Personal Care, •Food & Beverage, •Household Chemicals and many more are to be discovered on our website! We operate across continents to deliver your products to the best markets... As Ekinoks, we provide easy and accessible customer service anytime.Our mission is to offer our customers the best and most innovative solutions. That's why we always do our best to prioritize our customers' needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Since 2016, LPT LOGISTIQUE INTERNATIONAL has specialised in maritime transport of goods, mostly edible oils such as sunflower, palm, rape seed, etc., and beverages as well as frozen products such as seafood, fish and meat. The company works internationally, mostly in south-east Asia, the Middle East and west Africa. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.



    CHANFI IMPORT/EXPORT is an international import-export wholesaler and distributor. We import and export goods for professional customers on every continent. Foodstuffs, - household electrical goods, - preserved goods, - non-alcoholic beverages, - cleaning and skincare products, - cosmetics. As well as thousands of items such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Orangina and much, much more. Feel free to contact us for more details!



    We are leading supplier of fruit juice, Food Products, Drinks, Dairy Products, Confectionery, Baby products, Groceries and based in Netherlands and Turkey. We started our company in decades and have had great success as a supplier of food products to distributors Internationally. For us, it isn’t just about selling. Building and supporting sound associations with our clients is a pivotal piece of our reality. We are focused on improving the structure of natural products development from source to purchaser. We do this through improved answers for promoting, supply and hazard the executives. We don’t settle on quality, yet by embracing remarkably unique methodologies, we keep everybody cheerful. We have a large number of products such as : - Fruit juices - Food products - Drinks - Dairy products - Confectionary - Baby products - Groceries. Please contact us for more information !



    VR Trading is an International supplier and exporter of exceptional beverages and foods. With a passion for exquisite flavors and a commitment to quality, we offer a diverse range of products that will delight the most discerning palates. Our product range encompasses a wide variety of beverages, including soft drinks, champagne, beers and ciders, teas, and coffee, etc. In the realm of food, we provide an array of delectable options such as candies, chocolates, chewing gums, cookies, halal products, and more. We supply Redbull, Monster Energy Drinks, Coca Cola, Fanta, Pepsi, 7up, Mountain Dew, Pampers, Huggies Diapers, Gillette Razors and Roll-on, Nutella, Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Rocher, Moet & Chandon, Chivas, Veuve Cliquot, Dom Perignon, Cristal, Perrier, Evian, Tide, Persil, Fairy, Ariel, Nescafe and many more. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to quality assurance. We adhere to stringent standards throughout our sourcing, production, and packaging processes, ensuring that each product meets and exceeds international quality and safety regulations. Recognizing the global demand for exceptional food and beverages, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted partner in the export industry. Our expansive network allows us to reach markets worldwide, and our extensive market research keeps us ahead of emerging trends. We strive to stay on top of consumer preferences, offering the best offer of products.



    SAS LB PRAGEN, one of the independent companies in the PRAGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS network & concept (shortened to PRAGEN). Created on 1 May 2023, our company benefits from the more than 15 years of experience & expertise of the other PRAGEN Partners companies which accompany it on a daily basis. Specialising in the wholesale & retail trade of PRESTIGE PRODUCTS under the PRAGEN label, it is divided into production & distribution, prioritising rate & high-quality flavour creations in a wide range of packaging formats adapted to different consumers. Our values of EXCEPTION, EXCELLENCE & AUTHENTICITY make LB PRAGEN one of the new, reliable partners determined to adopt a responsible WIN-WIN approach promoting human causes, social undertakings in favour of women and young people, environmental causes, etc. These are the elements that underpin this multinational project, passionately driven forward through the arts, culture, events & agribusiness and inspired by both African & French traditions. It is with the hope of sharing our vision & know-how, and with the support of our PRAGEN INTERNATIONAL network, that we offer B2B commercial relations both in France and abroad. Join PRAGEN with a purchase order and, ideally, a PRAGEN contract (franchise, licence or complete freedom with a PRAGEN "LIBERTE" CONTRACT), and serving you in accordance with our values, our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and of Service will be an absolute pleasure! "Dare to be original, opt for PRAGEN! "



    Since 2020, the company PARIS RHUM CLUB has specialized in CUBANASO branded cocktails with their 0%-alcohol concentrate base. CUBANASO has a dedicated area for preparing wider-scale, large-format concepts. It is ideal for retail chains, restaurant chains hotel chains, discothèques, bars, private parties, family drinks, and so on. PARIS RHUM CLUB aims to introduce you to magnificent sun-drenched Cuban cocktails. That is why the company presents you with the CUBANASO brand. It is a brand of cocktails with a 0%-alcohol concentrate base concocted with natural fruits. CUBANASO products enable you to accurately prepare your ingredients and measures. It is a powerful ally for controlling your profit margin. Feel free to contact us for more details!



    Woseba is one of the most important coffee producers on the Polish market, which cooperates with all networks’ clients. It offers a wide range of high-quality beans, ground and instant coffees. The company has the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certificate. The firm was founded in 1991 and its headquarter is located in Odolanow in Poland. State-of-the-art technology, import of the best beans from South, Central America and Asia, long experience and devotion to tradition allow us to create coffees with unique aroma and taste. Woseba’s main aim has been to deliver top quality coffee. As early as in the year 2001, the company started introducing premium coffees into the market. To meet the demands of consumers, Woseba created brands such as: Espresso, Arabica, or Café Brasil, thanks to which the company has participated in creating consumer trends aimed at drinking one hundred percent Arabica coffees. The next step was the creation of a product in the ecological segment – Woseba Bio Organic, 100% Arabica coffee. The only factors facilitating growth and ripening of coffee shrubs are natural conditions, constantly supervised by independent certification organizations. Woseba’s distinguishing feature in the category of premium coffees is the quality, resulting from a slow process of roasting beans. Woseba's portfolio includes Mocca Fix Gold, Maestro, Crema and Caffeine Shot coffees. Ti meriti un caffè Crema e Aroma and Gusto Raffinato are the latest products from WOSEBA.



    Asia Europe Trade (AET) is a European company with offices in Europe and Asia specialized in trading 1) in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) 2) Private Labels (confectionaries, drinks, food and non food) 3) A-Brands top International Brands trading 4) One stop solution and supply door-2-door and port-2-port of goods for super and hypermarkets and e-commerce 5) Wines , Whisky and Alcohols 6) Milk and Dairy products. 7). cheese (frozen or fresh) 8). fruits and vegetable Contact us, we’ll give you a fast, efficient and competitive answer tailor made. We deal in minimum one pallet per SKU and can consolidate 20’ and 40’ containers. AET can supply : P&G, Unilever, Ferrero, International Beer and Mineral Water Brands, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, Cadbury, Kimberly-Clark, Henkel, Ritter Sport, Mondelez, etc. 7) Non food ( coockware, fasionary, cosmetics, beauty & health, perfums, battery). We work without stock to guarantee the freshest production and the best price. So, feel free to send us your inquiry and we will propose you the best solution.



    LES BIERES DE MONTMORILLON is a brewery that has been specialising in the production of traditional beers, lemonades and colas since 1843. Our products are organic and 100% Made in France. Our products are unique thanks to our expertise and the high-quality ingredients we choose. Our core range of beers, available permanently, include: - Lagers, White beers, Dark beers, Amber beers, India Pale Ales (IPA). We also have a seasonal range including: - Christmas beers, Spring beers and Summer beers. We also offer one-off releases. Our products are sold in France and exported to cafes, hotels and restaurants as well as delicatessens, wine merchants, superstores, hypermarkets and large specialist stores. In addition, we also produce custom-made beers. Our beverages are produced in an ecological and environmentally friendly way. Excessive alcohol consumption is hazardous to your health. Drink in moderation.



    A KARAMBOOL, vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Alkoholmentes italok. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Italok - import / export, Italok, non-alcoholic drinks, fruit-based beverages, import of beverages, energy drinks, Italok - import / export, exotic beverage, és exotic soft drink. Székhelye Saint-Servais, Belgium.



    A MINDELOS - PRODUITS ALIMENTAIRES NATURELS, vállalat egy Forgalmazó, tevékenységi ágazata Italok. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Gyümölcslevek, Italok - import / export, Alkoholmentes italok, Gyümölcslevek, Natural fruit juices, Exotic fruit juices, Tropical fruit juices, 100% natural fruit juices, és Natural fruit drinks. Székhelye Amiens, Franciaország.



    A SOUTH EXPORT ALLIANCE, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Gyümölcslevek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Italok - import / export, Élelmiszer - import / export, Italok, beers, coconuts, coconut oil, rice crackers, spring rolls, és foreign beers. Székhelye Trivières, Belgium.



    A DOMAINE GAEL MARTIN, vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Borok - Franciaország. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Borok, Borok - Burgundia, Italok - import / export, wine producers, production of wines, french wine, regional wine, Borok, és Wines - Burgundy. Székhelye Saint-Vérand, Franciaország.



    A EXOTIC CITY, vállalat egy Multi-Category, tevékenységi ágazata Ételkülönlegességek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Rizs, Élelmiszer - import / export, Import / export - élelmiszertermékek, Italok - import / export, Kávé, tea, Fűszerek, Gyümölcsök és zöldségek - import / export, Zöldség, mélyhűtött, és Gyümölcs, mélyhűtött. Székhelye Alleur, Belgium.



    A EDELWEISS GROUPE, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Napraforgómag. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Táplálékok és italok - összetevők, adalékok, Vodka, Italok - import / export, Borok, Kenyér, Zöldségkonzervek, Italok, Alkohol és szeszesitalok, és Kávé, tea. Székhelye Geispolsheim, Franciaország.

  4. I3C+


    A I3C+, vállalat egy Forgalmazó, tevékenységi ágazata Import / export - élelmiszertermékek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Alkoholmentes, szénsavas italok, Italok - import / export, Alkoholmentes, szénsavas italok, és Italok - import / export. Székhelye Tunis, Tunézia.



    A PATAZA PTY LTD, vállalat egy Multi-Category, tevékenységi ágazata Import / export - élelmiszertermékek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Biológiai - élelmiszerek, Keksz és teasütemény, Nem csokoládés édesség (cukrászáru), Italok - import / export, Méz, macadamia nuts, eucalyptus honey, Biológiai - élelmiszerek, és Wines - Australia. Székhelye Sydney, Ausztrália.



    A TRENDY FOODS, vállalat egy Nagykereskedő, tevékenységi ágazata Import / export - élelmiszertermékek. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Készételek, mélyhűtött, Fűszerek, Malomipari termékek, Italok - import / export, Bécsi különlegességek, Zöldségkonzervek, Csokoládés édesség (töltött), Készételek, mélyhűtött, és Fűszerek. Székhelye Vottem (z.i. De Milmort), Belgium.



    A FINZY LA LESSIVE EN FEUILLES, vállalat egy Forgalmazó, tevékenységi ágazata Borok. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Italok - import / export, Mosószerek, háztartási, Toalett- és ápolócikkek, Toalett kiegészítők, Italok, personal care and beauty articles and products, detergent dispenser, champagne, és lye. Székhelye Levallois-Perret, Franciaország.



    A DOMAINES FABRE, vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Borok - Franciaország. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Italok - import / export, Borok, wine producers, french wine, AOC label wines, Wines - South-west France, Wines - Bordeaux, Italok - import / export, és French red wines. Székhelye Cissac Medoc, Franciaország.



    A DOMUS CAPITAL SA, vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Szódavíz. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Gyümölcslevek, Borok, Italok - import / export, beers, alcoholic beverages, foodstuffs - import/export, sparkling water, Wines - Portugal, és Gyümölcslevek. Székhelye Alfena, Portugália.



    A SPIRITS STATION, vállalat egy Forgalmazó, tevékenységi ágazata Alkohol és szeszesitalok. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Whisky, Szeszes italok, Alkoholos aperitifek, Italok - import / export, Whisky, Szeszes italok, Alkoholos aperitifek, és Italok - import / export. Székhelye Poitiers, Franciaország.


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Italok - import export - Import export

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