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Acélok és fémek - egyengetés - Import export



    Since it was founded in 2001, the company FONTE GRISE DISTRIBUTION (FGD) has developed a network of partner foundries based in Poland. FGD offers its customers access to a wide range of moulding and smelting lines on the basis of many years' experience. FGD's management is customer satisfaction, and was rewarded in 2013 when it obtained ISO 9001: 2008 certification for "Design, Purchase and Sales of cast iron parts". The firm offers many services: - Several smelting lines for different grades. - Several moulding lines for different shapes. - Integrated machining shops to reduce parts handling, from casting to final assembly. - Paint shops to protect the parts from corrosion and enhance their appearance. - Design office for developing new parts and concepts. - Suitable logistics resources for excellent responsiveness and optimized management of your stocks. Feel free to contact us for more details!

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  2. OREMUS S.R.O.

    Cseh Köztársaság

    A OREMUS S.R.O., vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Acélok és fémek - hajlítás. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Acélok és fémek - egyengetés, Acél és fémek - megmunkálás és feldolgozás, Összekapcsolás, acélok és fémek, Acélok és fémek - hegesztés és forrasztás, Acélok és fémek - hegesztés, Lemezfeldolgozás, ipari, Szerszámgépek fémmegmunkáláshoz, Selyemcérnázás és fonalgyártás, gépek és eszközök, és Gépgyártás, általában - bérmunka. Székhelye Pribram, Cseh Köztársaság.



    A ARKU MASCHINENBAU GMBH, vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Acélok és fémek - egyengetés. Székhelye Baden-Baden, Németország.



    A KLAUS GROSS KG, vállalat egy Szolgáltató, tevékenységi ágazata Acélok és fémek - egyengetés. Székhelye Celle, Németország.



    A EUROTEC SRL TEMPRA METALLI AD INDUZIONE, vállalat egy Gyártó/ Termelő, tevékenységi ágazata Acélok és fémek hőkezelése. Tevékenykedik a következő ágazatokban is Acélok és fémek - egyengetés, Acélok és fémek - felületkezelés és bevonatok, Acélok és fémek - egyengetés, és Acélok és fémek - felületkezelés és bevonatok. Székhelye Brescia, Olaszország.

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  3. EMPO LTD.








  2. S.A.R.O.M. (S.R.L.)




    Established in 1995, KALELILER FASTENERS is a leading steel fastener manufacturer based in Ankara, Turkey. We provide high-quality products and becoming the preferred global supplier of fasteners. With a 14, 000 m2 production facility, including a 10, 000 m2 covered area in Ankara/Saray, we blend our rich heritage with a customer-centric approach. At KALELILER FASTENERS, customer satisfaction is paramount. We excel in bolt, stud bolt, anchor bolt, and nut production using hot forging and cold forming methods. Our expertise extends to diverse steel raw materials, offering electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized coatings. We also specialize in geomet and Zn-Nickel coating applications, focusing on large-scale bolts and special fasteners through hot forging. We cater to various industries, such as energy, construction, industrial parts, steel construction, airport construction, refineries, and the machine industry. Our advanced machinery and equipment enable us to produce superior-quality custom-made parts efficiently. Our capabilities encompass automatic cutting, hot forging, cold forming, machining, thread rolling, heat treatment, coating, and quality control. Under the KLR marking, we provide bolts and screws from M 12 to M 80 in diameter, threaded rods and studs from M 8 to M 220 mm, and nuts from M 20 to M 80 in length. We also offer anchorage bolts, U-Bolts, and J-Bolts, and maintain an extensive stock of various fasteners. Contact us for more !



    ShenZhen PromoStar Hardware Co., Ltd is a company who specialize in Metal CNC machining parts, CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts, stamping parts, sheet metal parts, welding products for all kinds of industry. The materials we used to worked were stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, brass, copper, carbon steel, POM, PEEK and so on. The headquater of Promostar located at ShenZhen, China with a 2000² meter workplant.Since 2016, Promostar has an office in Meerbusch, Germany. Since 2021 lunched a 3000² meter workplant in Jiangxi China. We can meet all industry demands, such as : Austronautic, Optik, Sensor, Electronic, Automotive, LED lighting, furniture, machinery & equipments, medicial equipments, plastic & moulds lines and so on. We can reach the tolerance within +/-0.002mm. The material we are using can be reached the standard cetifications from ROHS, REACH. Promostar invested a lot on the machines and worker technologies and we have a strong human resources department. All our team have more than 8 years relationship. We work on team. PromoStar is getting a good credit around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Emsil was founded in 1995 in Romania with its first activity of designing, manufacturing and selling CNC Machine Tools. The first CNC machine tool was installed in Finland in 1997. The strategy of Emsil was to diversify and expand its capabilities and flexibilities to manufacture a wide range of products in a wide range of industries. Emsil is an open company for taking on engineering challenges, whether in the machine tools business or in the welding and steel fabrications business, becoming a strong supplier and partner for its customers over time. For these reasons, in 2007, Emsil expanded. The focus of Gemil was on welding large steel fabrications to cover the demand for such services. Moreover, Emsil started to shift the production of machine tools' main components from cast iron to carbon steel welded structures. Siltech, the third company, was created in 2007 to consult and ultimately transformed into a steel fabrication company in 2012. Today, Siltech is established in Aiud, the third location. In 2011, Emsil purchased a French engineering company's Romanian subsidiary and entered the aeronautics industry. The main products manufactured are devices and steel structures for airplane components assembly. Today, we are active in 3 Romanian cities, manufacturing high-technology CNC machine tools and steel fabrications in carbon steel and stainless steel. Industries we are present in are: naval, energy, oil&gas, aerospace, transportation, and vacuum.

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    Our company, aptly named Profinox, was founded in 2005 with the aim of becoming the main supplier of complex stainless steel processing products and services for the food and pharmaceutical industries in Romania. In Profinox’s vision, the stainless steel processing industry in Romania can and must be transformed in order to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Thanks to a dedicated team of engineers and specialists in the field, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we ensure that all our customers’ and partners’ projects are executed with maximum efficiency. Profinox successfully performs a wide range of complex services: stainless steel welding, laser cutting, CNC bending, rolling, sheet metal and profile cutting, stainless steel sandblasting, stainless steel mechanical machining, CAD design, powder coating, etc. We also provide professional stainless steel production services and specific products (tanks, containers, machine enclosures, conveyors, metal structures, or HoReCa products). Profinox is your reliable partner – regardless of your industry or field of activity. Because we DO what we know, and we KNOW what we are doing. Our goal is to provide Profinox customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries with superior quality products and complex stainless steel processing services that meet the standards dictated by our company name, Profinox. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    CAD-CAM Engineering Solution offers metal working services for prototype, small and serial production for machining parts with very tight tolerances and complexity shape. Our speciality is CNC milling & turning machining: 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis on industries like Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Formula 1. Type of machined parts: Aerostructures components, Aerodynamics components, Valves & components, Subsea connectors, Hydraulic components Materials: Aluminium alloys, Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium Special processes: anodizing, hard anodizing, chemical polishing, heat treatment, browning treatment. Type of production: small series (10-100pcs), medium (100-5000 pcs.), mass (5000-30000 pcs.) Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    DURMAX ALUMINA are manufactured for various applications for both artisanal and industrial use. We manufacture aluminium oxides and hydroxides, calcinated alumina and hydrated alumina, metallographic alumina, fire retardants, reactants for fire retardant treatments, special reactants for synthetic resins. Corundum and alumina for special ceramics. We manufacture high purity calcium fluoride and boron nitride. With an extended range of around 200 special alumina we provide bespoke manufacturing for customers worldwide. Certain alumina are for polishing in metallography and mineralogy as well as for all high precision polishing for all types of materials. Others (hydrated and calcinated) are used as special reactants in synthetic resins, rubber, etc. to improve their characteristics (fire, abrasion resistance; for their appearance, viscosity, lightness).

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  7. MOH D.O.O


    MOH DOO is a European CNC engineering workshop specializing in the precise processing of high-quality components and prototypes for automotive, agricultural and hydraulic industries. In addition, we manufacture custom parts for the aerospace&defence, automotive lightning, and motorsport industry. As MOH DOO, we offer CNC milling services in the most modern, high-precision 5-axle and 3-axle CNC machining centers. 3-axle – up to 800 x 2200mm, 5-axle – up to 920mm. We can offer a whole range of materials and surface finishes. We specialize in billet steel, aluminum structural parts, and housings. We realize CNC turnings on modern two-spindle cones, up to fi 350 and fi 82, with Y-axis and powered tools. With our latest production technologies and an endless supply of tools and resources, we have the advantage of greater efficiency in providing services for our customers. We stand by every project and manufactured part. With our expert knowledge, we offer reliable and fast support as standard. We want to be your first, reliable partner for all your CNC machining needs and requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Established in 1998, Mebel Logistics is a Polish company located in Obra. We are a valued partner of the renowned European furniture companies with which it has worked continuously for over 20 years. Our Manufacturing Department has the highest quality, which we achieve through experience and machinery. Our offer : •Metalworking •Water jet cutting of metals, plastics, wood, plywood, glass, ceramics •Cutting: Cutting with tape and disc cutting machines, cutting angle range up to 50° Turning of materials to a length of 1500mm Milling on CNC machining centres with machining ranges of 600x400x400mm and vertical and horizontal milling machines •Radio erosion processing: Cutting by electrodes in the range 320x270x350mm, angle +/-5°, workpiece weight up to 180kg •Grinding: Surface treatment by grinding pipes in the diameter range ø10 to ø100mm Surface treatment by grinding surfaces up to 1000mm widths Surface polishing for galvanic coatings chrome, nickel, copper Cutting by electrodes in the range 320x270x350mm, angle +/-5°, weight up to 180kg •Plastic processing: Metal processing on 160T, 40T, 10T eccentric presses, 40T hydraulic presses Bending on the press brake with a pressure of 100T materials with lengths up to 2500mm Bending on three-roll bending machine •Heat Treatment: Hardening and tempering to the size of products 350x140x100mm •Powder coating: Application of thermosetting coatings in the form of powder paints, loading the oven 3900x1180x180 Contact us !



    We founded the trading company Meba Steel & Industrial Supplies Trade GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, more than 15 years ago, in 2002. Our brand is now a recognised and trusted name both at home and abroad – because our extensive knowledge of the international market enables us to fulfil the needs and requests of our customers – because we supply only high-quality materials, coupled with competitive prices and fast order processing – because we are extremely flexible when it comes to accommodating special requests – because we set the benchmark for precision in order processing. And by the way: What's the simplest way to solve a problem? It's quite simple: Find a problem-solving expert ... and you've come to the right place!



    Metal-coating company Peter Schreiber KG was founded in 1923. The company was mainly involved in decorative surface finishing until the 1940s. Functional surfaces have become increasingly important since 1950. From that moment on, Peter Schreiber KG specialised in hard-chrome plating and the machining of hard-chrome plated and metal surfaces. Today, the company is one of the best-performing companies in its sector whose expertise is put to use in the diverse industrial branches. The patented Tfe-Lok® coating led to the founding of Tfe-Lok® Peter Schreiber GmbH in 1988. The development of numerous process variants has led to solutions in the most diverse fields of application worldwide.

  3. LWZ GMBH & CO. KG


    LWZ is one of the most modern services providers operating in the welding and heat treatment sector. The company deploys over forty years of experience in turning customers' ideas into reality. The company specialises in welding and heat treatment of metals. Hard soldering, soft soldering, inert gas welding, aluminium brazing, brazing of steel and stainless steel. Brass, copper and aluminium, soldered assemblies for the heating and plumbing sectors, induction brazing, torch brazing. For us, partnership means providing support from the initial product idea. You can rely on our knowledge in selecting materials, choosing solder, and creating designs suitable for soldering.



    Schwarz Systems GmbH – Schwarz Apparate- und Behälterbau GmbH – AMP GmbH. Three companies with one shared philosophy. The Schwarz Group is a medium-sized production company with a long history. Founded in 1921, the company has specialised in machining stainless steels and special materials over the last 30 years. In this time, Schwarz Apparate- und Behälterbau GmbH has evolved in to an internationally recognised specialist in tank, plant and apparatus production, not to mention a notable manufacturer of silicon production machinery. Schwarz Systems GmbH is the ideal specialist service provider in the fields of stainless steel surface machining, series-production tank manufacture, forming technology, robotic welding technology and machining of large parts. The newest member of the group, AMP GmbH provides extensive services in the fields of non-destructive material testing and laser measurement.



    Our company was founded in 1864 as F. Ossenberg & Co. KG, and is now in its fifth generation of family ownership. Since the acquisition by Julius Grefe KG in 1997, we have traded under the name "Ossenberg & Grefe". We are naturally certified in accordance with ISO 9001. The original manufacturing programme for both companies consisted of buckles, rings and hooks for the textile and leather processing sector. Over time, articles for other areas of application were added to the product range. Today, alongside our standard range of products, we specialise in the manufacturing of wire-bending, punching and assembly products for more than 1000 customers from a wide variety of sectors. To this end, our 60-strong team manufacture approximately 500, 000 parts a day over a production area of 5000 m². Thanks to our versatile machining options, in-house tool manufacturing facilities and electroplating equipment, we are able to find quick and cost-effective solutions to complex challenges.



    ips-werkzeugtechnik GmbH is completely focussed on our customers' needs. Our goal is to provide our customers with a die-cutting solution precisely suited to their requirements. From initial development to production, through to servicing and sales, we are able to flexibly respond to a wide range of demands. Working closely with the customer, we offer tailor-made solutions for any application whilst meeting the highest quality requirements. Our products include: Hydraulic presses, hydro pneumatic presses, punching machines, punching units (punching yokes) for presses, crimping tools, mechanical presses, laser cutting systems for pipes, punching equipment, machinery and equipment for pipe punching, machinery and equipment for profile punching

  7. GEBR. W. + H. ZAUGG AG


    In over 70 years, Gebr. W. + H. Zaugg AG has built up expertise that is unique. Only this way can perfect products be produced, which withstand the technically demanding market of today. Innovation and precision are essential in mould construction and injection moulding. We act and work accordingly every day to give our customers the best. The company Gebr. W. + H. Zaugg AG is a family business owned by Bettina Ulrich-Zaugg and Stephan Ulrich. We are your partner for perfect plastic parts, mould construction, production of individual parts, 3D printing and servicing.



    The EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark manufactures drawn, sanded and polished bright steel using the cold deformation process and standard profiles and custom profiles according to customer drawings in almost all steel materials. Our high quality products usually end up being used in system and mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and in medical and energy technology. Drum dyeing machines and spring production machines from the brand Proll & Lohmann as well as heat and chemical surface treatment from the brand BAK are manufactured at EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark's Werdohl plant. Among other things, the EZM metal working and service GmbH makes spindle bearings, straightening machines for round and profile materials with powered straightening rolls as well as custom orders. The innovative combination of heat, blasting, straightening, milling and planing processes at the EZM profile machining plant in Rohr/Thüringen represent a cost-effective alternative able to compete with traditional manufacturing technologies.



    Welcome to Perndorfer Maschinenbau KG. Our company has been providing high-quality industrial technology in the area of water jet cutting machines as well as water recycling systems for more than 30 years. We offer water jet cutting machines in portal and cantilever design for successfully processing surfaces larger than 2000 mm. The purpose of a water jet cutting machine is dividing workpieces using a high-pressure water jet. With 3D water jet cutting, a high-pressure water jet of up to 6000 bar and discharge velocities of up to 1000 m/s is used. Our special water jet cutting systems can be used as tube cutting machines. Our water jet cutting machines are only equipped with the best high-pressure pumps and components. What we offer: Conception, development, production of 2D/3D water jet cutting systems, pure water jet cutting systems, specialised mechanical engineering. Mechanical job order manufacturing. Production of assemblies. Prototype construction.



    Rokvelas UAB is a Lithuanian company that offers metal working services for small serial and serial production. We have 11 years’ experience in exporting our products and services. We specialize in the production of steel structures, CNC machining. We provide complete package of services in accordance with our clients’ requirements We offer a wide range of products and services: production, general arrangement, complementing, different coverings, logistics and many more. Services: CNC punching; CNC bending; CNC turning; CNC milling, cutting with band saw; welding; flat polishing; rolling of sheets. Constructions can be: hot deep galvanized; painted in powder way; sandblasted and painted in wet method; electroplated in different ways. All our steel structures meet requirements of EN 1090-1, 2 standards. Management system ISO 9001 certified. Please visit our website for more information.


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Acélok és fémek - egyengetés - Import export

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