manufacturer of automatic thermoforming equipment

Termopak Ltd. (Kharkiv, Ukraine) has been a manufacturer of machines and devices for thermoforming and packaging technology since 1997.

Our thermoforming machines are designed for the production of the following types of products:
1) trays made of expanded polystyrene EPS;
2) disposable plates and cups made of РР, PS, PET;
3) РР and РЕТ containers for meat, fruit and mushrooms;
4) lunch boxes;
5) egg trays;
6) blister packages;
7) containers for cakes and biscuit products;
8) dairy industry-oriented packages (cups for yoghurt and sour cream, margarine);
9) punched trays for mushrooms and vegetables.

On customer request, we can furnish our equipment with grinders, air compressors, cooling equipment as well as with a stacker unit.

Each of our thermoforming machines is automated to the maximum. The fast-and-easily changeable moulds and versatility of the machines (one can produce many types of various products using one machine) provide a tangible advantage compared to other manufacturers of similar equipment. An optimal quality-price ratio and available service support are positive factors for equipment buyers at the decision-taking stage.

Our packaging machines operate in such industrial sectors as the packaging, food, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.
Our company is also involved in the automation process in the various industrial sectors.

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  • vacuum foaming machine
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