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  • In 1959, we moved our headquarters from Frankfurt to an expansive 10, 000 m² facility in Bad Marienberg, enabling us to continually develop and diversify our product range into what it is today. Our... Beszállító: hold-line | flex-line | Élelmiszeripar - gépek és eszközök | air-cleaning system | bain-marie [+] induction | front cooking | hot/cold plates | dispensers | food warming equipment | plate trolley | carving stations | hot cupboards | radiant heaters | serving trolleys
    NÉMETORSZÁG - Bad Marienberg
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  • ...holds more patents and industrial property rights in the field of thermal protectors than all its competitors combined. All production plants are equipped with the same kinds of production lines. Beszállító: thermocouple lines | Hőmérsékletmérő- és szabályozó készülékek | Elektromos és elektronikus összetevők | temperature control instruments | metrology [+] thermostats | temperature protectors for industrial use | thermoregulators, electronic | temperature limiters | threshold switches | electronic measurement systems | electronic measuring instruments | temperature mesurement and control | wireless temperature sensors | ptc thermistors
    NÉMETORSZÁG - Sondershausen
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  • ...Lois, Disney, Cállate la Boca, Antonio Miró, Admas and Stanga. We also sell our products on-line through MASWEAER.COM, a site for professionals only where you can find the best brands at the best prices. Beszállító: Hálóruhák, fehér- és alsóneműk | lingerie | pyjamas | online sales | socks [+] bathing trunks | lingerie | swimwear
    SPANYOLORSZÁG - Castellón-Castellón De La Plana
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