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glass for lighting technology - Import export

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    NÉMETORSZÁG- Schönsee
    IRLBACHER BLICKPUNKT GLAS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...engineering, construction and sanitary technology, domestic heating, the household appliance and lighting industry, as well as the technology industry. We consider ourselves to be not only glass suppliers, but also...

    Beszállító: glass for lighting technology | glass | glass for the lighting industry | Biztonsági síküveg | Üveg, ipari célokra [+] Páncélüveg | Síküveg és tükörüveg | glass processing | lamp | flat glass | coloured flat glass | flat plate glass | flat transparent glass | fireplace coverings | glass plates

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    OROSZORSZÁG- Vladimir
    STEKLO EXPORT - Verified by Europages

    STEKLO EXPORT LLC manufactures and supplies various types of glass products: - flat glass, - mirror, - textured and colored glass, As well as produces all types of processing: - cutting to the...

    Beszállító: Import-export - glass and glass products | glass for lighting technology | Üvegépítmények | Biztonsági síküveg | Üvegszalagok [+] Síküveg és tükörüveg | glass for domestic appliances | sculpted glass | products in toughened glass | toughened glass | glass items | glassworks | glass objects | glass processing | flat transparent glass

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    NÉMETORSZÁG- Gengenbach
    GLASMANUFAKTUR PFAEHLER GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    ...glass. Our major customers include the lighting and watchmaking industry, automotive suppliers and manufacturers of measuring instruments such as pressure gauges, thermometers, hygrometers and barometers. Our material is float glass in all of its many forms:...

    Beszállító: Síküveg és tükörüveg | frosted glass | float flat glass | glass bending | glass sheets [+] protective lenses | printed glass | laminated glass (vsg) | borofloat glass | viewing and cover windows | cnc glass machining | flat glass, curved | glass for displays | technical grade glass | glass cutting shops

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  • ...and digital printing on glass. These technologies are used to produce items including high-quality goblets according to customer specifications. Digital printing also involves producing other products, such as printed vinyl mats,...

    Beszállító: Digitális nyomtatás | Vízmértékek | glass sundries for laboratories | table placemats | straws [+] 3d engraving | bar supplies (gastronomy) | printing on technical parts | protective mats | circular spirit levels | stainless steel engraving | stainless steel drinks bottles | glass awards | photo gifts | glassware, technical

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    DRUCKFARBEN - Verified by Europages

    ...protected against oxidation by air or light. Our microcapsules, 1 micron in size, can withstand temperatures greater than 300 °C and do not contain any formaldehyde. Adapted for screen printing, flexography, anilox coating,...

    Beszállító: Nyomdafestékek és tinták | printing with perfumed inks | perfumed paints and inks | carbon paper | scented paints [+] microencapsulation | antibacterial sanitising solutions for tissue paper | thermal printing rollers | scented printing | microcapsules | antibacterial cleansing solutions for paper | natural antibacterial cleansing solutions for fabrics

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    NÉMETORSZÁG- Waldkappel
    HILGENBERG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Beszállító: Üveg, ipari célokra | Fénykábelek

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