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  • Fastening systems for the construction industry. Manufacture and sale of chemical anchoring agents, vinyl ester, polyester and epoxy resins and accessories.Metal anchor systems for medium and heavy... Beszállító: Epoxy resin | building resins | consolidation resins | Rögzítőanyagok | securing clamps [+] metal anchoring | nails for the building trade | metal attachment rods | metal fasteners | steel nails | fastening articles | anchorages | nailing machines for the construction industry | structural consolidations
    OLASZORSZÁG - Grassobbio
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  • Beszállító: Synthetic resins | Resins | building resins | floor covering
    FRANCIAORSZÁG - Pont-Évêque
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  • Beszállító: building resins | Épületfelszerelések | chemicals for construction work | industrial chemical products | additives and pigments
    OLASZORSZÁG - Verona
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  • Beszállító: Resins | building resins | resin coatings | Kémiai kötőanyagok | binders
    BELGIUM - Mont-Saint-Guibert
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  • Beszállító: building resins | Műanyag - csőcsatlakozók | polyethylene hoses
    OROSZORSZÁG - Moscow
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  • ...BÜFA composite systems gives manufacturers working in the automotive, rail vehicle, wind energy, construction, sanitation, tank, pipe, boat building and swimming pool sectors an edge over their competitors. Beszállító: Synthetic resins | polyester resins | overlay resin | reactants for polyester resin | vinylester resin [+] additives for plastic materials | moulds production | fire protection | gelcoat | adhesives | fibre composite materials | working of compounds | dye pastes | fibreglass for reinforcing plastics | release agents for plastic processing
    NÉMETORSZÁG - Rastede
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  • ...for impregnation and coating systems, industrial water purification systems, the glass and mineral wool industry, technical plastics and bulk goods, as well as for the paint, varnish and building material industry. Beszállító: resin processing systems | Mérnöki munka - ipari berendezések | Mérő- és adagolóberendezések és eszközök | Ipari csövek | Felületkezelő gépek és berendezések, fémek kezelésére [+] Automata vezérlőrendszerek | Építőanyagipar - gépek és eszközök | engineering for water treatment plants | construction of industrial plants | industrial complexes | processing plants for adhesives and glue | plant construction for process engineering | mixing reactors | electronic control systems | big bag filling systems
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  • ... Water repellents Putties and Sealants Resin Emulsions The company has developed innovative and quality products of highest technical requirements with ISO 9001: 2000 Wholesalers & Buyers are... Beszállító: resin floors | industrial resin floors | Vakolat, kitt és szigetelőanyagok | epoxy wall coatings | epoxy flooring [+] polyurethane coatings systems | sealant and waterproofing coatings | pool coatings
    GÖRÖGORSZÁG - Paiania
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