Worldwide customized sleeve solutions

Founded in 2015 under the Color Control Group, Tech Sleeves® specializes in manufacturing printing sleeves and bridges/adapters for the flexographic market worldwide. Using unique features and high quality materials, we are able to guarantee durability, consistency & dimensional stability across our product portfolio.
Tech Sleeves® offers complete customized sleeve solution. The ultra-high strength composite core of Tech Sleeve® Hard makes it perfect for high speed printing and the compressible layer of Tech Sleeve® Soft eliminates the need for compressible double sided mounting tape, making it a valuable investment. Tech Sleeve® Thin is designed to use when the outer diameter for printing is almost the same size or just slightly bigger than the printing cylinder. Our adapter, Tech Bridge® Hard is used for bridging the gap between mandrel and sleeve during high speed printing, and Tech Bridge® Soft is perfect for printing with seamless sleeves.
Additionally, we also offer supporting equipment to help improve the press efficiency. Sleeve storage allows easy access, storage and retrieval of sleeves, while Tech Cart offers convenience during sleeve transportation.TIR measurement system helps in inspecting the quality of the sleeve and Plate Demounter ensures plate and tape can be removed safely.
Tech Sleeves® offers its services based on individual requirements, backed up with a global network of agents. You can count on Tech Sleeves® for quality, innovation & reliable service.

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Tech Sleeves | Corporate movie

At Tech Sleeves, we offer Bridge and Plate Sleeves for the global flexographic printing industry. This corporate movie highlights our mission, vision, process and values as a company. Contact us!

Tech Sleeves | Animation movie

Tech Sleeves makes Bridge and Print Sleeves for the global flexographic printing industry.The animation movie shows the different high quality products, features and layers used to build our products.

How to prevent slot damage?

At Tech Sleeves, we care for our customers and strive to provide the best for them. Knowing that slot damage can cause various problems, we offer inner metal ring to prevent slot damage. Contact us!

Tech Sleeves | Sleeve Storage System

Tech Sleeve's customized sleeve storage system allows easy access, storage and retrieval of sleeves with an optional Semi-Automatic feature. It organizes your storage, while preventing sleeve damage.

Tech Sleeves | Plate demounter

The Demounter efficiently removes the flexographic printing plates and mounting tape from sleeves, without any damage. It is the safest way to demount, allowing quick return on investment. Contact us!

Tech Sleeves | TIR Measurement System

Winner of the International print & innovation award 2015, the TIR measurement system analyzes the quality of the printing sleeve or cylinder by measuring the ‘3D landscape’ of the surface.Contact us!


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