Psarras Sponges is a Greek sponge production company engaged in the commerce of natural sponges since 1954. Our firm turned to the production of synthetic sponges in 1987 after the mass destruction of natural sponges that followed internationally in the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear accident and its effects on the submarine flora and fauna.

Within a short period of time the company began production of synthetic sponges of excellent quality. The facilities span over 2.5 acres of land fully equipped with state of the art German machinery which allows production of 2, 000 pieces per hour

During its 60 year-long operation, the company exports its sponges to the United States of America, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, China and Israel. Our products are also found in all Greek super markets.

PRODUCTION of various sponges suitable for all purposes

- Kitchen sponges
- Bath sponges for adults and children
- Cleaning sponges for automobiles, vessels, trucks, machinery

Compared to other sponges in the market, our sponges stand out for their hydrophilic quality,
a term used to determine how closely artificial sponges resemble natural ones. Being of highest quality, the sponges are skin friendly and hypoallergenic, while they also absorb multiple times their weight in water, thus easily eliminating pollutant residues.

The company carries out meticulous quality controls throughout all stages of production line
from raw materials to the final packaging of the sponges

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  • Sponges synthetic

  • synthetic SPONGES with scouring pad

  • Kitchen sponges with scouring pads

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  • Szivacsok
  • synthetic sponges
  • Kitchen sponges
  • Cleaning sponges
  • Synthetic Sponge Suppliers Manufacturers
  • abrasive sponges
  • sponges for industrial use
  • sponges for cleaning jobs

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