Mineralissima is a Netherlands-based  mineral makeup brand friendly not only to humans, animals, but also to the environment, supplying natural makeup  to companies, make-up artists, beauticians and consumers.

Mineralissima offers affordable yet beautiful vegan cosmetics with as little ingredients as possible. We believe in enhancing natural beauty with makeup reflects earth’s natural resources. By keeping it natural, we ensure that our carbon footprint is significantly reduced and most importantly, customers understand exactly what they are putting on their face because most makeups have long lists of ingredients which you can’t even pronounce never-mind understand. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.

What Mineralissima can offer your business? 

1.Various starter packs including display for your salon or shop.
2.Professional images of the products you can use.
3.Clear ordering and delivery terms.
4.Interesting margins.
5.You can take advantage of brand promotion through various channels which allows awareness of our brand to rise.

Mineralissima understands that if you have a small business, you may not immediately be able to take our full range in stock. You have the opportunity to start with a starter package, or can provide a range of products for your company that fits your sales capacity.

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