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MICRO-HYBRID Electronic GmbH is a leading medium-sized company providing sophisticated customized electronics solutions. We have been developing and manufacturing innovative electronics for 30 years. Our customers benefit from unparalleled solutions for control tasks in challenging environmental conditions. Our portfolio ranges from ceramic substrates and enclosures for miniaturized electronic modules for sensor control to infrared components and sensors for temperature measurement and gas analysis. MICRO-HYBRID is consistently reshaping the global world of electronic micro systems technology. We create high-precision components and sensors by utilizing above-average development expenses, a high level of skill and know how as well as an extensive collaborative network. As we continue with the development of technologies and materials and work on technological innovations, we create customized solutions with significant added value for our customers. Our extensive application experience in various industries allows us to utilize a unique technological range to solve your development task. This is why technology businesses worldwide choose us to assist them in solving their measurement challenge.

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New emitter chips online

Termék bevezetése ・ 2022. nov. 29. bővebben Open In New icon

Micro-Hybrid offers customers the complete portfolio for NDIR gas measurement: we are now delivering emitter chips for industrial, medical or smart home applications from stock. Simply select wafers currently available in our webshop. The prices are individual, depending on the number of diced MEMS chips per wafer. Included with your order you will receive a digital wafer map for automated pick and place and easy system integration. Micro-Hybrid is the only manufacturer worldwide offering all products along the entire value chain of NDIR gas analysis: from IR MEMS chips, infrared components in TO package to the complete gas sensor. Our sales team will answer all your questions regarding your measurement task.




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