Haemothromb Test -



Haemothromb Test Kft. mission is to roll out the The Haemo-Thromb Disposable INR (International Normalized Ratio) Test worldwide commencing in Europe, followed by USA and the rest of the world, thereby providing the potential for the estimated Millions of patients worldwide to perform regular INR self-monitoring. The Haemo-Thromb Disposable INR Test helps patients and doctors prevent strokes, heart attacks and bleeding by doing frequent testing! Patients on long term or lifetime blood anticoagulation therapy need to test their INR level regularly. International Normalized Ratio (INR) is the standard unit for reporting the clotting time, or prothrombin time (PT), of blood. INR level should be tested monthly or more often. A recent study shows the chances of staying healthy will increase significantly if the test is performed more frequently, i.e. once a week. In other words among others, most of the patients who have had a heart attack or stroke must measure their INR level regularly.