The GLOBAL DENT company is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacture of teeth whitening products, products for remineralization and professional teeth care at home. Our main goal is to make outstanding whitening and professional oral care affordable for people all over the world.

All the products of Global Dent company are produced at own manufacturing facilities with using of high-quality raw materials from the leading European suppliers in accordance with international GMP& ISO standards.

In 2011, the first Russian-made whitening gel was released. This product brought the company success and became the starting point for creating popular products under GLOBAL WHITE and WATERDENT brands. Nowadays, these products are presented in 8 export countries.

Today TM GLOBAL WHITE develops in three main areas: whitening (strips, system, gel), remineralization (gel, foam), everyday care (toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses, mouthwashes, foams). In 2013, clinical tests proving the teeth whitening up to 5 tones were conducted.

While WATERDENT offers concentrated liquids for water flosser providing professional teeth care at home. The main component of water flosser liquids is Bischofite (the salt of the Ancient Sea). Bischofite is a unique component, which contains a complex of useful minerals and in its composition far exceeds the sea salt and the salt of the Dead Sea.

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