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  • Auweko Temptation FF3

    Auweko Temptation FF3

    Auweko Temptation FF3

  • Temptation FF4D

    Temptation FF4D

    Auweko Temptation - The design line with the high safety standard.

  • Auweko FT3

    Auweko FT3

  • Skyline Liquid

    Skyline Liquid

    SKYLINE LIQUID floorstanding bin

  • Capital 60231

    Capital 60231

    CAPITAL. LITTER BINS. Keeping streets, pedestrian zones and parks neat and tidy.

  • TDA-11 Ashtray

    TDA-11 Ashtray

    These functional, easy-care stainless steel ashtrays offer the option of adding a litter bin and info spaces, there is also a version with concrete base for areas offering no way to fix the unit.

  • TJ 21 Wastebasket

    TJ 21 Wastebasket

  • Produktserie ELEGANCE

    Produktserie ELEGANCE

    "Elegance" Litterbins

  • KENDO Litter Bins

    KENDO Litter Bins

    This new generation of litter bins offers some heavy duty advantages: their particularly robust interiors and wall thickness of 2.0–3.0 mm mean that they are extremely well protected against vandalism



    AUWEKO SKYLINE - New series of multiple section containers